10 Reasons To Love Your Bathroom


At Chiltern Bathrooms we obviously love bathrooms! Beyond that, we’re passionate about helping our customers create a bathroom space that works for you and your home. Here are 10 reasons to love your bathroom and why it’s such an important room in the home.


Whether it’s style, functionality or budget, we can assist you with all aspects of renovating your bathroom – from design and planning, through to signing off the finished installation.

  • We offer free home consultations to assess the room, understand your needs and get a feel for the style and design you’d like to create.
  • We work with many different bathroom brands so you can choose from a wide selection of suppliers. Whether that’s bathroom sanitary ware, furniture, storage, cabinets, mirrors, lighting, wall or floor coverings, we can help.
  • We offer a full installation and project management service to take the stress away from you and help you love the process of renovating your bathroom as well as loving your finished room!


Here are 10 reasons to love your bathroom and why it’s one of the most important rooms in the home!

1. Quiet space

You can shut the door and enjoy some quiet time to yourself, regardless of how noisy or chaotic the rest of your busy household might be! Think about what colours and patterns will help you enjoy this quiet space. Do you want to go for loud, bold and fussy patterns or neutral, serene and calming?

2. Relaxing and calming

Enjoy a soothing warm bath at the end of the day and maybe light some candles to create a calm space to wind down in and feel the stress drain away. If this appeals, make sure that you choose a bath that’s the right dimensions and shape to suit you.

3. Read a book, catch up on social media

Take advantage of the peace and quiet to read a book or catch up on news or Facebook without being interrupted!

4. Gather your thoughts

Listen to yourself instead of the world around you. Work through any troubles, create a mental To Do List, prioritise what you’ve got to do that day.

5. Private space

The bathroom may be the only room in the home where you can have some private time to yourself without resorting to shutting yourself away in a cupboard!

6. Get some time to yourself

Enjoy some moments of solitude and take a break from your busy day to recharge your batteries, even if it’s only 5 minutes! Think about what sort of lighting you’ll need for all the different ways you’re going to use your bathroom – applying make-up, shaving, reading a book, bathing for relaxing, using the toilet in the middle of the night and so on.

7. Feel energised and ready for the day

Having a shower or bath at the start of the day will help wake you up ready for the day ahead!

8. Get clean and fresh

Get rid of the mud and dirt after sports, get the kids clean after running around a football pitch and even wash the dog! Choose your storage and accessories carefully so you’ve got plenty of shelving for all your toiletries, bath products and towels.

9. Look good and feel great

Your bathroom can be the place where you transform yourself, get ready to go out, or even just get ready to go to work in the morning. Making yourself look good helps you feel great!

10. Get inspiration

How many times do you get in the shower or bath and get inspired, come up with a solution to a problem, remember something? Sometimes when we’ve got no other interruptions, our minds clear and we can start to think straight.


These are just a few reasons to love your bathroom.

Here at Chiltern Bathrooms we can help you create a bathroom that works for you and your home. Let’s create a functional space that serves your body and your mind.

We can also give you peace of mind in the process with our full design and installation service!

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10 reasons to love your bathroom